Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I was going to leave. Then Andrew posted. He pretended to be my brother. I got pissed. I was packed and ready, so I stormed out my door into the hall. On the ground was my camera. Standing at the end of the hall was Slender Man. I grabbed the camera and ran to my room. I blacked out after I saw what was on there:

Andrew is still alive. Those pictures are of him, from two days ago. And he's been commenting on this blog...HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE!? You were cremated, we spread your ashes.
How? How is this possible!?


  1. Sacrifices were made
    Debts were paid
    You never saw my face
    I'm not lost in space
    You could not know it was me
    As I escape with glee
    So why did you assume?
    Something's staring at your room.

    Regardless, I'm glAd you understand me now. And things will proceed as intended.

  2. Wait Andrew!? What? Don't be like this! What does that mean? Please! Speck to me!