Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Papers

As I said yesterday, I found a wadded up ball of papers when I when to the tree, after I apparently...went back in time.
Goddammit, how is that possible?
And I know Andrew knew about it. I'm almost certain he did it himself. It explains a lot of what's been happening to me...
Bu, anyway, I've calmed down enough, here's the first of the papers:

The rest are in this video, I couldn't get any good pictures of them:

The second paper is hard to make out, it says, "Dear Journal, I can't remember the last two days, but I remember Him. I remember Him, I saw Him. He found me." On the third and fourth, all the "Yes"s are written in pen, as well as the "It worked"s. I have no idea what that last one says, and I don't have any time to examine them further, I'm leaving this town, for real this time, before I run into myself.

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