Sunday, July 18, 2010

A hidden message?

Well, I don't know if some of you have noticed or not, but Andrew left this comment on my last post:

"Here's your help: [missing] = [missing] 4 [missing] 1 [missing] [missing] W [missing] 368

Find and see. 18th. Go.

I have no idea what the missing letters or numbers might be. Or what 18th means. I'm posting this from a Starbucks, as I'm trying to keep moving, even if it's just around this city. I would have left by now but I know Andrew's still here somewhere; my camera's gone again, and today I woke up to see that toy tapped to me sealing (is that spelled right?), it almost seemed to be staring at me.

I don't know how much longer I can keep this up. If I can't figure this "[missing]" riddle out within a week, I'm going to run. I know He's getting closer to finding me. He's catching on to my attempts to avoid Him. That and I can only spend so many consecutive nights at friend's houses without mom getting suspicious.

Also, I was really freaking out in my last blog post, I apologize for that...


  1. I've been trying to figure out a way to translate that YouTube link, but it's not easy. Also, you're under a helluva lot of stress, dude. I'm pretty sure you're entitled to freak out occasionally. I'm certainly not gonnsa judge you for it.

  2. Got your email and sent another back. Maybe it helped. Where are you now, dude?

  3. Ah, thanks M. I'm still in my home town, in California, but I'm moving around as much as possible. But I still see Him occasionally, I know He's getting closer. And I checked through all of Andrew's responses, none of the doubled or capitalized letters get anything, as far as the YT video. I don't know what "18th" means, but I think it's important. I can't be a date though, that day already passed...

    I have to go now, thank you all for your support.

  4. Ok. Keep moving and keep your eyes open. He knows where you are try to be safe. Maybe try searching for the 18th on youtube? Other then that I don't know, like I said I'm not really good at these codes.

    Be safe, dude.

  5. M, it's much closer to home.
    Of course, you might need others to help.
    Research can be completed,
    Successfully, with multiple people.
    Especially with this hint.

  6. All the 1st letters of his comment spell out MORSE. Maybe something in morse code? I wish I was btter with this shit, like the kids in VFD.

    Closer to home? Meaning what?

  7. Good. You're a smart cookie.
    18th is in a place in home. YT is farther away from home. home is not a home, yet may people keep homes.

  8. Thanks. I always did get good grades.

    So from what you're telling me, maybe home is the blog? the 18th entry?

    By the way, I meant to ask, what does the name of your blog mean. I mean the name in the URL, not Lost Time.

  9. So is being dead when you're suppose to be.


    I don't mean to alarm you, but it looks like you were already starting to talk to code a long time ago.

  10. I agree with Andrew. Cookies are delicious. oh, and dont mind me, I was reading about Him when I came across this blog. I saw Slends(as I call him)on halloween a few days ago, or at least, though I did. then I had a dream. oh well. I dont know if its true or not, but still, considering I am a sociopath, that being, a lack the ability to really feel emotions, I guess that's a one up if he ever decides to come after me?

  11. Dot dash
    Dot dot dot
    Dash dot dot dash
    Dot dot dot

  12. what are you guys talking about??