Monday, June 28, 2010

New Day

Well, today was a good day. To start, I didn't have that dream again, and I feel like a weight's been lifted from my shoulders. I finally started to go to Cross Country practice again, and I felt pretty good after the run, although I'm out of shape from not doing anything for the past two weeks. After I showered at home I hung out with my girlfriend at her house for the rest of the day; we hadn't see each other since the fire, and we talked about us, Andrew, what was going on in our lives, and pretty much anything that came to mind. That entire time was bittersweet, at some points we were laughing hysterically while at others we were on the brink of tears...

Other then that, I think someone just moved into the apartment complex, like a business guy or something. It's weird because before I didn't notice things like that, but now I realize I'm really observant and I notice anything out of the ordinary or anybody new; I hadn't seen the guy before, but I got a few glances of him twice, once in the morning and when I came back, so he's probably here to stay.

Oh! And I just remembered, I think I lost that toy of Andrew's...I can't find it anywhere. Although I could have sword I put it in my closet, it's not there! :(
Ah, oh well, at least I have a picture... -Anthony


  1. Hi Anthony. Something struck me as a little odd about your entry there. It's about the business-man who moved in. Was there something remarkable or interesting about him that stuck in your mind for you to mention him? It just seems a little out of place.
    I guess it could just be that you're more aware and alert now.
    Glad things are looking up for you. :)

  2. Well, I only caught a few glances of him, but I knew he was new because my family has gotten to know the neighbors pretty quickly, and as I said, I seem to be noticing everything out of the ordinary. That and the guy was in a business suit, and that's kinda hard to miss.

  3. der gro├če Mann....
    He shook in his bed, he cried in fright.
    The little boy knew what was coming tonight.
    He disobeyed his parents the week before.
    Now he was waiting for Slender Man to come through the door.
    With stretching arms, and an eyeless face.
    He knew Slender would come, with his slow terrifying pace.
    The boy arose from bed, and darted away.
    But Slender Man loves to play.
    The boy darted out the door, he ran as fast as he could.
    When the boy suddenly decided to hide in the wood.
    Though his mother told him to never enter, he ran past the trees.
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    The boy began to feel comfort, as well as fear.
    The birds in the trees flew away as the screams began.
    Animals looked,but right after, away they ran.
    A low giggle, much like child's came from Slender as he rose.
    The silent ‘drip drip drip’ became louder from the rain and tears on his nose.
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