Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I miss my brother

I don't know how to say this. I was never really that close to my brother, but I still feel a gnawing emptiness in my heart. I never realized until now how much I loved the guy. My life is pretty much back to normal now, even though we're living in a small apartment instead of our house, but I can't operate normally anymore. It seems I must really push myself to do the most basic things, like get out of bead, or get up for water...

Like right now its even hard to type. I'm sorry, I'd like to say more, but I just can't right now. -Anthony


  1. bead lololllllolololollolool

  2. Dude, don't laugh. Have you ever been stuck in a bead? Those things are tiny and hard to get out of.

  3. OMGSH!!! ur suffering a loss. doesnt mean it has ANYTHING to do with the devil who has no face. hes a videogame character. i know u r sufffering a loss. its ok. i miss my sister cuz shes dead too. Her name was Leah. I know shes in heaven rite now, watching me. So is your brother. i wasnt close to my sister either. we were identical twins. think how hard it must b to let your twin go. My point is, Slenderman is only real is u think he is. dont b scared. I believe that Slenderman is fake. im not afraid.

  4. Oh wow, OcarinaAngel, you think Slendy's from a video game! That's cute.

    You're an idiot. Shut up, quit your bitching, and read the damn story like the rest of us. Jesus...